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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moving and Shaking

It seems that after last week's appointment when I asked the doctor if I should be concerned about how much (or how little) the baby moves each day, he got the message and started totally kicking and punching away in there.  He is now moving a ton!  The last two days, he was moving so much while I was at work that I kept getting distracted :)  When I was first pregnant I worried that it would seem weird to me to have something moving around inside of me, but honestly, I love it.  It's a really interesting sensation and it makes me feel better about how he's doing in there. 

In other news, the last few days the bottom part of my uterus (probably from about my belly button down) has felt very heavy whenever I'm walking or standing.  It's actually worse when I'm standing still.  I figured this was just growing pains or things kind of settling into place, but I decided to just give the doctor's office a call just in case.  Of course, I was right and it's nothing to worry about.  She did suggest that I try out one of those maternity support belts if I'm really uncomfortable.  Does anyone have experience with those?  I'm not that uncomfortable, I was more just concerned that it might be a sign that something was wrong with our little guy. 

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  1. I got one of those belts and I think it is more uncomforatable than not having one. The one I got was from target, so maybe it was that I just got a cheap one?
    Glad to hear he is moving more!!!!