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Friday, September 2, 2011

Making Progress

Wow this week was busy!  It was mainly work related, with a 12 hour staff meeting on Wednesday, followed by an 8 hour one on Thursday - thank goodness it's a 3 day weekend! 

With this little guy's debut just about 4 months away, I decided it was time to start making some progress on his room.  I've slowly started cleaning out our spare room (seriously, where does all that stuff come from?) and we are planning on getting it painted next weekend so it has plenty of time to air out before I put all the furniture in there.  We decided to forgo the traditional bedding sets, because I read about a lot of safety concerns with the crib bumpers and quilts they come with, and are planning to just get flat sheets and a crib skirt.  So last weekend, my sister and I checked out some paint samples and then headed out to the store to see if I could find stuff I loved that matched the paint we had picked.  Luckily, I found several really great options for the crib sheets, but couldn't find any crib skirts.  I decided to just make one myself - I picked up the fabric already and am planning to make it just as soon as the crib arrives so I can make sure I have the measurements exactly right.

Speaking of the crib, we decided to go ahead and order it last week, it was supposed to arrive in 7-14 days, so I'm guessing we'll hear something during this next week.  We also ordered a mattress online and that's already arrived.  It's just hanging out in our hallway since I haven't moved everything out of the bedroom yet.  Our plan for this weekend is to get everything else out of that room and maybe try to paint the ceiling.  Not sure about the painting though, it's 99 degrees here today so there's no way we could have the windows open for ventilation - I think we're better off waiting for things to cool down a bit.  As soon as we start making some progress in there I'll share some pictures. 

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