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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gender Reveal

I think I've mentioned before that J and I live a few hours away from our parents.  Last weekend before our ultrasound, we started talking about how we wanted to share the boy or girl news with them.  We hadn't told them the exact date of our ultrasound because of the scheduling problems we'd had, so I was thinking it would be a fun 'surprise' when we told them what we had learned.  I was originally thinking an email with a picture or something would be fun, but J really wanted to send them something.  We decided to go with a small arrangement of flowers from a local florist with a little card that just said, "It's a boy!"  Both of our parents were really excited and thought the flowers were cute.  I'm still waiting on my mom to send me a photo of how the arrangement looked, when she does, I will try to add it here.  All, in all, a pretty fun way to share our great news with the grandparents-to-be. 


  1. Oh so fun! I love that yall surprised them and the flowers are a great idea! :)