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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time is Dragging By...

I always feel like the days leading up to a vacation or long weekend seem to drag by.  This week time went pretty quick towards the beginning of the week, but I can't believe today was only Thursday.  Still a whole day to go before the long weekend and our vacation.  My boss said today that she won't be in the office tomorrow so I'll probably try to go in a little early and get through my to-do list as quickly as possible and then duck out a little early :)  I probably should have asked her about it just to make sure it's okay, which I'm totally sure it is, but I kind of forgot about it and then realized I wouldn't see her tomorrow.  Oh well, I'll probably just kind of see how it goes. 

Everything is in place for our plan to tell my family that we're finally pregnant tomorrow night.  I'm not sure how much time or access to the internet I'll have while we're gone so I probably won't be able to update on how the big announcement went or about our trip until we get home on Wednesday.  Enjoy the holiday weekend (well everyone in the US :)! 

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  1. Have fun, this is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy so far!!!