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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Plans for Sharing Our News

This weekend J and I are heading out of town with my family (my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and brother).  We are super excited to get away for a few days and spend time with them and have also decided that this is when we'll share the news that we are expecting with them.  I'm starting to get nervous and I'm not sure why.  I know they'll be excited and happy for us, but something about sharing this news is just so, I don't know, huge.  I almost feel like I don't have words for it.  It's something that we've wanted for a really long time and now that it's here, it's almost like I'm just not ready to share it with the world yet.  Maybe that's selfish.  Anyway, here's our plan. 

Several months ago I bought some cute grandkid/grandparent frames on clearance (back when I thought we'd get pregnant on our own and be the first ones having a baby).  Oh well!  We decided to put a picture of our first ultrasound in the frame with a little note saying Baby (Last Name) EDD 1/1/12.  I figured I could wrap it up and give it to my mom as a late Mother's Day gift since we haven't seen her since then.  That way we'll get telling my whole immediate family out of the way at one time. 

At first I thought maybe we should tell my parents privately since they know about our IF and my siblings do not, but I'm not sure how we would manage that since we'll all be staying together on vacation and my siblings will most likely be there before J and I arrive.  Plus I'm planning to tell my siblings that we had to use treatments to get pregnant - I just didn't want to worry them unnecessarily before. 

We're tentatively planning to see J's parents next weekend to tell them the same way.  I know my MIL is going to freak out since I'm due right after J's sister.  She's been wanting grandchildren for a really, really long time and now she's going to get double her wish!  It's just so crazy.  J's going to tell his brother privately since right now he and his wife are going through IF testing and we know how difficult these kinds of announcements are.  His sister lives very far away so he'll have to just tell her over the phone. 

I'm still struggling with when to tell our extended families, friends, and work places the news.  Any good advice in this area? 


  1. It is a huge thing to tell and after trying so hard to hide it for 12 weeks (at least that was the case for me) it felt weird to talk about it openly.
    We told work and extended fmaily and close friends right after the heartbeat appt.
    Good luck, what a cute way to tell them!!!

  2. Telling is a huge step. It is very scary to do. Once it is out, it's all out there and you can't take it back. I've been nervous each and every time I've told anyone (except for the husband).

    As far as when to tell others outside of family and close friends. I'm struggling with this same issue, but have the added complication of covering up my m/s without telling.

  3. Good Luck telling them:)