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Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally Catching Up

Somehow time has completely gotten away from me and my blog was totally neglected. 

First things first, telling my family our news went perfectly :)  My parents were both really happy and so was my sister (who is kind of emotional about things and started sobbing immediately).  My brother is six years younger than me, he's 23, so I wasn't thinking he would be too excited, but he seemed really happy for us and excited too.  It was a really fun experience.  We're telling J's parents tonight.  J told his brother before we left on our trip because he wanted to tell him privately because he and his wife were having trouble getting pregnant. 

Or so they thought, it turns out that she got a BFP the week after my inlaws came for that visit.  So seriously, she was so overly dramatic for nothing.  I'm not diminishing their 9 months of TTC, but like I told J, this is why doctors recommend you don't jump to any conclusions before TTC for a whole year.  There's more to the story (like she called J's mom right away to tell her - I guess I didn't realize they were so close) but we are really happy for them and I'm super relived that now we don't have to worry about them throughout these next several months (assuming all is well with them and their pregnancy). 

Our first appointment with the OB is next Thursday and assuming all goes well I'm planning to tell my boss the next day.  I'd really prefer to wait another 2 weeks or so, but she's going to be on vacation for 3 weeks and I'm worried that all of a sudden I'll "look" pregnant and then other people at the office will find out before her.  I'm assuming that won't happen, but I really have no idea when people usually start to show and I just don't want to take that chance.  I know she's not going to be too happy, since it's going to be a big inconvenience for her, but really, she'll get over it and she has almost 7 months to prepare and get used to the idea of me being off for 12 weeks or so.  Or maybe longer...we haven't made any solid decisions regarding child care, me working, etc.  More to come on that I'm sure...

I'm hoping to get caught up on everyone's blogs this weekend too! 


  1. I'm so glad everything is going well! Good luck at your next appt!

  2. Congrats on telling the parents! Was it as strange feeling for you as it was for me? I'm glad everyone was so happy for you guys. Congrats to your SIL as well.

    Good luck with telling the boss. I had to tell mine early just because of the impact my symptoms have had with my scheduling. If she asks about future plans, just tell her ya'll haven't discuss that in depth yet. I know I won't be showing soon, but the bloating it getting a bit out of hand! I'm hoping none of my co-workers notice my unbuttoned pants every day!