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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Blues

I'm starting to think that Mother's Day might be the most difficult day of the year for those of us who are battling IF.  It starts with the commercials towards the beginning of April that remind us that Mother's Day is coming and not to forget to buy that perfect gift for our mother.  As April progresses it seems like Mother's Day is all over the place.  It's on my favorite TV shows, they talk about it on the radio, and the stores are filled with reminders that Mother's Day is coming.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with celebrating your mother on this special day, but somehow I feel this day is shoved in my face every year.  It's like a constant reminder that motherhood is something that is so special and at the same time something that I might never get to experience.  I'm basically able to avoid the whole Mother's Day hoopla because my family is not big on the holiday.  They don't have a big family get together or anything.  My inlaws are more into celebrating this day, but this year they have other plans so we won't be seeing them.  We don't usually go out to eat on Sundays, and if we do, it's probably not to a place that will be celebrating Mother's Day with flowers or anything.  The one place that I just can't seem to avoid getting hit with the Mother's Day blues is at church.  Church seems to be very much about families to me.  Lately I find myself feeling very 'alone' at church, since we're one of only a few couples without children.  I know that tomorrow the pastor will likely ask all the mothers to stand and be recognized and then prayed for.  I know that I'll be one of the only people still seated.  Well, me and all the teenagers.  Hopefully I'll just be able to focus on the fact that if everything works out the way we're praying it will, next year I'll be able to celebrate this day for the first time.  Here's to hoping we all survive tomorrow!

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  1. Youre a mommy already, your tiny little one is growing bc of you. Next year will be so special. Hugs!