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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Announcement...

Quick bathroom situation seems to be getting better (really crossing my fingers about that - it's been awful!) 

Last night when J's sister called to wish him a Happy Birthday, she also announced that she's 8 weeks pregnant.  Sigh!  I really thought once I was pregnant it would get easier to hear pregnancy announcements from fertile people and see pregnant bellies, and go to baby showers, but I guess it won't be.  This is his sister who "announced" over the holidays that they would be trying for a baby soon, which means they got pregnant in the first few months of trying.  Double sigh!  J even said to me, she's telling people at 8 weeks....hopefully everything works out.  And I'm sure it will, but still it just hurts.  It is strange that I'm jealous of her?  I mean I'm pregnant too, I shouldn't be jealous.  Maybe jealous isn't the right word, but I wish that I could have gotten pregnant easily and I wish that I could be so confident that everything will work out to tell people early in my pregnancy that we are expecting, the list just goes on and on.  

Actually, I know this will be a good thing for me in the long run, she's due a few weeks before me which should take away most of my MIL's attention from me.  She usually drives me crazy about things so that will be wonderful!  Although my SIL lives really far away so who knows, I might still get the attention. 

Also, a few months ago J went out with his brother who said that he and his wife were having trouble getting pregnant.  At that time I think they had been trying for 6 months or so, probably around 9 months now.  My BIL thought the problem was with him so J told him that we had been trying for more than a year and some general stuff about our situation.  Now I feel awful for my BIL's wife.  How terrible will that be if she doesn't get pregnant soon?  It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.  If it was me, I would want to avoid all family activities for the next 9 months.  And to top it all off my pregnant SIL is the kind of person who thinks everything should be all about her.  She bosses everyone around all the time and really likes being the center of attention.  I know she'll be sharing all kinds of stuff about being pregnant and probably expect people to be super excited for her, and it is exciting, but still.  Plus I can't imagine how things will go with J's extended family.  They are super fertile and have been asking us for years about kids.  Now that 2 of us will likely be pregnant and having babies at the same time, I can't imagine the kind of stuff they'll ask the only couple who isn't pregnant.  J and I are planning on being really upfront with people that it wasn't easy for us to get pregnant, so hopefully that will help his family all remember that it's not like everyone can just get pregnant whenever they want.  Regardless, I think this next year is going to be very interesting (and probably challenging) with my inlaws.  

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  1. Glad you're feeling good. When I read about your SIL, I went "UGH." Of course that's how it has to be. I know that you don't seem to want a ton of attention focused on you, but now that you guys are *finally* pregnant, it sucks that some super-fertile and (obviously oblivious person if she's telling everyone at 8 weeks) has to share the limelight. It will be interesting, that's for sure. And I do think that the two of you are very smart for being up front about how long it took for you.....if I'm ever lucky enough to get pregnant, I'm going to be the same way.