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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fertility Friend (or Not)

I'm guessing lots of you ladies use Fertility Friend, do you ever get frustrated with it?  Each month I chart the following:
1.   BBT
2.  Cervical mucus
3.  OPKs (sometimes I have luck with these and sometimes I don't)

Almost every month my crosshairs are dotted lines, like so:

Fertility friend usually gives me some message about how ovulation is only possible and not confirmed because some ovulation signs do not match up. 

However, this month where I wasn't able to use OPKs or take my temperatures during the time of the month where I believe I ovulated and had other fertile signs, I get this:
Somehow the site is positive that I ovulated right in the middle of the days where I didn't take my temperature and several days after I recorded fertile CM.  WTH?  So, according to fertility friend I'm 7 dpo and according to me I am 10 dpo, but I guess it doesn't really matter since there's basically zero chance for me this month since our timing was way off regardless of which of the two dates I ovulated on.  I'm just trying to look focus on our upcoming appointment with the RE and hope she'll suggest a good plan for us. 

Also, the RE's office confirmed that my insurance has zero coverage for infertility, so here's hoping that what she recommends isn't super expensive. 


  1. The first thing I notice from your charts are that you dont have a big rise in temp after O. I would show all your charts to the RE. Second my Re said that sometimes it can take your bbt a day or two to shift, that charting is not exact.
    Its a nice tool to just confirm O but it being on exact day will not always happen!

  2. Thanks Travica! I have all my charts printed out to take with me on Wednesday. My OB/GYN checked them out in November and thought they seemed okay, but I know she is not the expert in this area. I wondered about the post-O temps too - sometimes I don't notice a very big jump. We'll see, I guess!

  3. Yuck, my insurance covered nothing!!!!!!
    Always make sure to ask about immediate payment and cash payment and if they give discounts on that.
    My RE didn't offer them, but when I got my HSG, I got a 30% discount based on insurance not covering it and a 10% discount for paying within 10 days, and a 5% for just giving them my routing number rather than a credit card.
    They didn't offer those discounts up, but definatly ask!!!

  4. I like to call it Fertility's pretty unreliable for me too. During the cycles where I was being monitored, it was ALWAYS wrong by about 2 days, so I always had to enter my O date myself.

    But I guess it helps confirm that you O, so maybe not a total bust in the end.

  5. I have a love hate relationship with it as well. Before I was doing HCG trigger shots, it would give me really screwy data. Not to mention the fact that I was traveling a lot, which always screws with temps. That said, I have not found a better way to comprehensively track all of my temps, symptoms, etc., and theg are super helpful to give to an RE. Good luck!