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Thursday, July 5, 2012

6 Months and Solid Foods

Yesterday N turned 6 months old!  On one hand, I can't believe it's already been 6 months, but on the other, I can't believe it's only been 6 months since so much has happened since then.  Since it was also the 4th of July (btw - what a fun day to have your half birthday on!) J and I didn't have to work and were able to spend the whole day as a family.  We went to a parade in the morning and N did great.  He seemed really interested in the police officers on motorcycles and the marching bands.  The only thing he didn't like was a really loud car that kept revving it's engine.  I'm not sure why it was even part of the parade.  And while we are on the subject of parades, I'm so nervous when people let their kids run into the street and pick up candy that's being thrown.  I know that the cars in the parade are driving slow, but lots of times the drivers are busy waving to the crowd and throwing their own candy.  It would be so easy for them to not notice a kid crawling on the ground to pick up candy.  Luckily we still have a few more years before N thinks he needs to get candy at the parade!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home, playing, cooking, and relaxing.  Since N is now 6 months old, he also had his first solid food yesterday.  We have decided to start with baby led weaning and see how it goes.  I read the book and the cookbook and really feel like it's the way to go for us.  I guess we'll just have to see though.  So far, most of the people I've mentioned it to act like I'm, we'll see how it goes.  N had some banana yesterday morning.  He did a pretty good job picking it up and getting it to his mouth, but he did not seem to like the taste.  He was making the most awful, but still adorable, faces. 

At dinner we gave him a few pieces of broccoli and he seemed to have an easier time picking them up and getting them to his mouth than he did with the banana.  He also seemed to like the taste a lot better.  There was some gagging since he kept sticking the 'handle' part of the broccoli in his mouth, but overall I thought it was a success.  Tonight if we have time, I'm planning on giving him so broccoli again and then I'm hoping to give him something each night from now on.  Then I'll need to figure out how and when I want to start having him eat solids at daycare.  I mentioned to our provider that we were skipping the purees and she seemed fine with having him feed himself when we are ready.  I'm kind of trying to wait to see what happens with my work schedule since it might not even be an issue. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


  1. Happy 6 months to N! Yes, the 4th of July is definitely a fun day for a half birthday and so nice you got to spend it as a family. We are also doing baby led weaning with Alidia, with a few homemade purees in the mix as well since I don't think it has to be just one or the other. So far, all she likes is banana! We haven't tried broccoli yet because she isn't quite 6 months so we were sticking to banana and avocado but they are both so slippery to hold and eat! Look forward to hearing more about how it goes with N and the BLW! :)

  2. We are doing BLS too! Em started a bit earlier as she was grabbing food off our plates. Biggest hits here have been banana, sweet potato fries and various beans. We don't feed them everyday, but just here and there when she's interested.

    Also, babies feeding themselves make some of the cutest pictures!

    Happy 1/2 birthday little man!

  3. SOOOOOO excited to read you're doing BLW! I can follow in your footsteps so please please please update with stories and advice! Or email me (stwboswell at yahoo dot com) C will be 6 months in August so we're waiting until then but I already have the Baby Led Weaning book and cookbook to read. We're super excited to try this route and I'm really happy to hear I have someone to come to with questions and advice about it too!