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Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Survived!

Well, I survived!  My first day back at work wasn't too bad.  I was sad when I dropped N off at daycare, but there weren't any 'real' tears.  I was a little teary in the car after I left, but that was it.  There wasn't very much 'work' for me to do today so I spent the day reading through the hundreds of emails that had accumulated during the past 12 weeks, catching up with some of my co-workers, and pumping and pumping and pumping.  Hopefully the pumping will continue to go as well as it did today.  I was able to pump more milk than N ate at daycare which I was nervous about.  The lactation room that my office has worked out really well too.  I know everyday won't be as smooth as today was because next week, for example, we are working at a different location all week.  I'm planning to get there early to figure out where I will be able to pump.  The worst part about today was probably the annoying people in my office who would drop my cubicle to ask if I was missing my baby.  Seriously?  Of course I miss him!  And thanks for bringing it up to make me sad about it!  (These are people who I'm not friendly with which makes these types of conversations even stranger.)  

N did great at daycare (according to the workers).  He ate all of the milk I sent and took two naps.  Well, three if you could the one he was taking when I got there to pick him up and he's still taking now.  It looked to me like his naps were pretty short and far apart, but I guess they'll have to figure out what works for them.  I told them how often I put him down at home, but I'm not sure that they were able to follow that exactly which I understand since there are so many little ones there. 

One thing that I am really bad about in life is raising concerns/being confrontational.  For example, yesterday when I picked N up from daycare he had the pacifier that I keep in his car seat clipped to his clothes.  He wasn't using it, but I had provided a different pacifier that I wanted him to use during nap times only.  I didn't really say anything because I hate to seem annoying, but when I think about it I know I should feel like I can tell them things since I'm paying for them to take care of my baby.  I know I'm going to have to get over this since I want to make sure that N is getting the absolute best care possible. 

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  1. I think it's totally legitimate to bring up the pacifier concern, b/c that is setting up habits that will extend into his time with you. There is a lot for THEM to learn on their first day with him as well, and that detail may very well have been forgotten. Don't be afraid to RE-mention it if it's important to you - it's their job!