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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crib Wedge!

After I posted on Wednesday, I called the neurosurgeon's office back and left a message with the physician's assistant about my difficulties and concerns with finding a sleep positioner for N to use.  She called me back later this afternoon and was wonderful.  She agreed that positioners are now very difficult to find and that she was going to go out this weekend to see what was available so they could make better recommendations to patients about what to use.  I told her that I was able to find a crib wedge but that it was too wide and thin to force N to turn his head to the side.  She suggested that we cut it to fit our needs.  She also said that since N is so young, he's not likely to roll over or move around and get stuck under a pillow or positioner, which I guess is why they are no longer used.  What we ended up doing was buying a crib wedge that is made for babies with reflux and cutting it in half.  We taped the two pieces together (on top of each other) and put the wedge under the sheet in the pack and play where N currently sleeps.  The sheet does get pulled up a bit around the wedge, but it easily forces N to turn his head to the non-flat side, so basically it seems to be working.  I was still nervous about using it last night, but he seemed to do really well with it.  We will only have to use it for a few months and right now he's still sleeping in our room where I feel better able to check on him.  I originally thought I'd try to get him to sleep in his room at around 6 weeks (which is right now!) but now with having this extra thing in his bed, I'm thinking about putting it off longer.  I know I'm probably over-reacting, but oh well! 

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