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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

8 Weeks and Finding Our Groove

It's seemed that the impossible has happened....I think I'm getting the hang of this mothering thing.  When I think back to the first few week's of N's life, I couldn't imagine feeling like I could leave the house, let alone feel like I knew what I was doing.  It's seemed like in the last two weeks, things are starting to fall into place.  N and I have really developed a routine.  He eats every 2-3 hours during the day and I'm getting better at knowing what he needs when and sometimes even before he cries. 

The only thing that still seems to be hit or miss is his sleeping schedule.  Most days I really try to follow the Eat, Play, Sleep routine...but it doesn't always work.  Sometimes he falls asleep nursing and I can't get him to wake back up and other times he just doesn't seem to get tired even if he's been up for several hours.  I'm hoping that some type of consistent schedule develops in the next few weeks because he's going to start going to daycare at the end of the month and I'll need to give them some idea of what his daily schedule is like. 

Night time sleep is usually pretty good.  N has a really consistent bedtime, he usually goes down for the night between 8:00 and 8:30.  Whenever he starts looking sleepy we change him, read a few stories, and then nurse him and put him to bed.  He actually does really well falling asleep on his own most nights if he doesn't fall asleep while nursing.  He uses a pacifier and we usually have to replace it for him a few times, but that's really it.  He's been waking up once a night.  For the past few weeks he's nursed and gone right back to sleep without a problem.  I'm still tired, of course, since he's a pretty slow nurser so I'm usually up for about 45 minutes total, but overall, not too bad.  Last night wasn't great.  He was up for over 2 hours.  It was crazy, he didn't even seem tired.  At least he was crying.  Eventually, I just gave up and brought his bouncer in our room.  I don't know how quickly he feel asleep, but I didn't hear him make any noise between 3 and 7.  Hopefully he'll get back on track tonight. 

Any advice on trying to figure out a schedule for daycare? 

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  1. So glad you are getting into a routine of your own, you definitely deserve a pat on the back for that! I wish I had advice on how to get on a more strict schedule for daycare though. Luckily our lady just has Chloe and her son so she is flexible.