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Monday, December 5, 2011


First up thank you for your advice on questions to ask when looking for a pediatrician.  Everyone at the office I visited was very friendly and I feel comfortable choosing the doctor I met with as our pediatrician.  She seemed to have a lot of availability and be very responsive to questions.  The nurse was really sweet too which I always think is important because you almost always go through them when you call the office with a question or concern. 

Last week I put together a big list of all of things that "need" to be finished before the baby arrives.  Some of them are things that absolutely have to be done like install car seats.  While others would just be nice to do, organize laundry area.  Having the list is really helping me make progress on a lot of things.  Today, I was able to finally check off one of the biggest concerns on my list: Finalizing Daycare.  A few weeks ago I visited an in-home daycare that I really liked.  They are licensed to hold 16 babies, which is a lot, but I got a great feeling when I went there.  It was the only place I visited where a baby wasn't in a crib or crying when I came to visit.  Everyone seemed really happy and excited and I felt very comfortable with the owner/director.  She has additional staff people who work for her and provide much of the direct care.  While I was there I also got to see almost every child picked up and got a good sense of what their parents were like which also made me feel like I was making a good decision.  So every though it's a lot of money, we decided to go for it and reserve a spot.  I'm meeting with her tomorrow to make the deposit and fill out all the initial paperwork.  It feels great to have something this big crossed off my list. 

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  1. I'm so glad you found one you like. That is one of the most stresful things to pla for.
    Yay for lists!