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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Ours was wonderful!  Since J's sister had her baby last week my MIL was down in Florida with her, so we didn't have any plans to see J's family.  We originally planned to celebrate the holidays with them sometime in January, but don't have any definite plans yet.  My MIL will be coming home on New Year's Eve, so I guess we'll get something worked out after she gets home.  I'm starting to get a little nervous that somehow we'll plan something and they will all be around when I go into labor.  J and I know we don't want to have anyone at the hospital until after the baby is born, so this has been one of the things I've been worried about throughout the pregnancy.  Since my SIL's due date was so close to mine (2 weeks ahead), I figured my in-laws would be occupied with her when our baby was born.  Now, who knows? 

My sister and BIL live near us so my parents and brother came into town for the weekend.  We had a great time relaxing, hanging out, exchanging gifts, and of course eating :)  My parents headed home yesterday and J and I spent most of the day relaxing and tidying up a bit.  My plan is to try to keep our house as clean and organized as possible since this baby could arrive at any time.  I have my 39 week doctor's appointment this afternoon and I'm hopeful that I've made some progress since last week's appointment.  Otherwise, I'm planning on filling my time this week with relaxing, watching movies, and hopefully doing a little cleaning.  I'm really hoping this baby makes his appearance before next Monday, just because I don't want to have to hear all the annoying, "You're still pregnant!" comments at my office if I go back to work.  More than that though, I hope my body decides to go into labor on it's own before January 5th which is the date my doctor said she will schedule us for an induction if he doesn't come on his own.  Here's to hoping for promising news this afternoon!

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  1. Oh so exciting!! :) Its becoming even more real for me that our babe is coming (31 weeks tomorrow) now that all my blog friends are having their little ones this week and next, not to mention my SIL's due date is January 5 so we'll see when that little one comes! Good luck and even if fam is around, tell them they have to stay in the waiting area at the hospital. Our nurses during childbirth class said they would be the bad ones and make 'rules' to keep family out if need be and preferred :)