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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Monday!

Luckily, so far my Monday has been just fine, I'm crossing my fingers it stays that way :) 

This weekend was wonderful, but so extremely busy.  Here's a quick recap:
* Friday evening we headed out of town to my parents house which is about 2 and half hours away.  My siblings were also coming in for the weekend so I was very excited. 
* Saturday morning I headed into Chicago, about an hour from my parents house, to go to a bridal shower for one of my closest friends.  The traffic was horrible, but the shower was beautiful.  Seriously, it may have been the fanciest bridal shower I've ever been to.  My friend looked lovely and seemed so happy.  I just can't wait for her big day! 
* As soon as the shower was over, I rushed out to the suburbs where J and the rest of my family were moving furniture out of my grandma's house.  My grandma recently moved to a more "assisted living" type facility which was smaller than her house, so there was a lot of furniture left there.  I'm so excited that we were able to have a dresser and nightstand for the baby's room.  I'm so excited that he'll have furniture that's in excellent condition and comes with some family history.  Thankfully everything was loaded by the time I got there :) 
* I rushed through the house to see if there was anything else we needed and then we headed out for a quick dinner.
* Right after dinner we headed to a surprise 60th birthday party for one of my uncles.  It was nice to see some of my family (only about half of us were there since some of my cousins live far away and some of my aunts and uncles were on vacation) especially since it's first time I've seen them since our baby news. 
* We headed back to my parents house late that evening and then came home really early yesterday (6:15 AM) so that we would be on time for church.  Normally we stay and go to church with them but we had some important things going on at our church yesterday that we didn't want to miss. 
* Sunday afternoon J and my BIL unloaded all the furniture, which I'm totally in love with, btw.  Now all that's left it changing out the hardware on the drawers and figuring out how to set it up in the room. 

All in all, a great weekend, but now I feel like I need to gear up for a busy week.  The stuff we brought from my grandma's is spread all over our dining area and living room, so I need to find a home for most of it. 

Also, I realized that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which I'm not looking forward to.  I never like going to the dentist, but I've read that lots of people have really swollen and inflamed gums during pregnancy, so I'm preparing myself for a painful visit!

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