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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink or Blue??

With our ultrasound now just under a week away, I decided to start searching the internet for those fun gender prediction quizzes and old wives tales to see what the baby's gender might be.  As I've mentioned before, all J and I want is a baby that's healthy and we will be thrilled with either gender.  I also, honestly, have no idea if I think it's boy or a girl.  It's kind of strange, I sort of figured by now I would have a strong feeling one way or the other.  Occsionally, I will think, maybe it's going to be a girl and then in the next moment, I think no it's probably a boy.  Clearly, no mother's intuition here!

Here's what I found online:
Chinese gender chart: girl
Heart Rate above 140: girl
Carrying Low: boy
Craving sweets: girl
Even and Odd (never heard of this one before, but it's your age at conception and the number of the month of conception - if they are both even or odd it's a girl - if one is even and one is odd it's a boy): boy
Face not really breaking out (although this week it has been a little): boy
No Morning Sickness: boy
Hands are soft: girl
No weight gain in the face: boy
Carrying in front: boy

Boy - 6
Girl - 4

I guess we'll just have to wait and see!  Also, has anyone noticed how many other ways there are to predict gender?  Some of the methods seemed a little strange to me (which boob is larger; peeing in drano, etc.) so I just kept those off my list :) 


  1. These are neat.
    I will say say TEAM PINK!

  2. Those things are so "unpredictable" at predicting gender. All signs pointed to boy for us, but there was definitely no boy in there. I know you guys are excited to find out--hopefully he/she participates with the ultrasound person!

    Since there's been so many girls in the blog world lately, I'm going with Team Blue...