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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nursery Thoughts

The closer I get to the mid-point in this pregnancy the more likely it seems that a tiny person will actually be joining our family in January.  Of course, I know we have a long way to go and it probably won't really seem real until he or she makes her entrance into the world, but I've been starting to realize that I have some major preparations to do at our house to get things "baby ready."  Mainly this means cleaning out our extra room which I use as a dumping ground for all kinds of junk and making it into the perfect room for our new addition.  A few weekends ago I started emptying out the closet and wow, it’s amazing how much junk can accumulate in a room you barely use.  I feel great about the progress that I’ve already made, but it’s also now almost impossible to even walk into the room because it’s in that really messy, before everything gets moved to its new location stage. 

After the major cleaning out, the next logical steps are painting (which has not been done since we bought the house almost 6 years ago) and ordering furniture.  J and I started our search for a crib a few weeks ago.  We braved the baby store, which was packed on a Saturday and checked out some cribs in person that had received excellent reviews online and in the Baby Bar.gains book.  I think we are going to go with the Lauren crib in a dark espresso color.  The price looks great and I think it fits with the look I want in the nursery.  (Note: I just found this picture online, this is not what our room looks like.)

Our house has white trim and baseboards and at first I was really worried about how the really dark furniture would look with the light trim and walls, but I’ve seen several photos online where it looks really nice.  Right now I’m seriously debating about wall color.  I can’t decide if I should find some bedding (crib skirt, sheets, and curtains only) that I like first and pick a color off of that.  Or pick a color I like and work around it with my other choices.  Right now I’m leaning towards a pale colored wall (tan, mint green, light yellow) but I’m really thinking about holding out until we find out the baby’s gender so I can make things a little more gender specific.  Any great color suggestions for a nursery?

PS – I finally heard back from the doctor’s office and they aren’t going to get any extra people in to help with ultrasounds, so our appointment isn’t until August 23rd!  I know it’s really not a big deal and these next 2 weeks will probably fly by since I’m really busy right now, but I was really looking forward to having that ultrasound sooner than that.  I’ll be 21 weeks then, it’s just crazy to even think about. 


  1. Hey, I have the Graco Lauren crib too! I love it!!! You should check out Wal Mart, on the website you can get the crib, matress, and changing table for $275. Also, you cna do site-to-store and there is no charge for shipping.
    Also I got the Storkcraft five drawer dresser and it matches perfectly with the set and the espresso color!

    Sorry to hear about the ultrasound date!

  2. We had a TON of junk in our baby room, too, and we've only lived here for 3 years! It's so overwhelming at first, but it'll all get done and you'll feel so much better when that crib is in there. I would suggest picking your bedding first, then a paint color. That way, you won't fall in love with a color, only to not be able to find bedding to match--just a suggestion. I would also most definitely wait until you find out the gender. Best of luck waiting for the ultrasound!