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Friday, August 5, 2011

Doctor Appointment Update

Wow - where has the time gone?  When I logged in to make this quick post, I really thought I had posted at least a few times this week, but clearly that was wrong!  It's amazing how busy the weeks seem to be even if you don't really have anything going on :)

Today we had our 18 week appointment (again, no one is really sure why were are coming on odd weeks) and everything looked really good.  The baby's heartbeat sounded nice and strong and the doctor said everything seemed to be progressing normally.  He even said that it's a good sign when pregnancy is boring, since not everyone is that lucky, which I completely agree with.  I'm thankful everyday that this pregnancy has been amazing so far. 

This was also our first appointment with someone other than my regular OB.  There are 5 doctors in the practice and they have you meet everyone at least once during your pregnancy in case your regular doctor isn't able to deliver your baby.  I think it seems like a smart idea and I really liked the doctor we saw today.  Hopefully that's a good sign - it would be awful if there was a doctor you didn't really like and he or she was the one who ended up delivering your baby! 

The only downfall was that we weren't able to schedule our ultrasound - the doctor told us to schedule it sometime in the next week or week and half which I was really excited about.  We don't have to work next Friday since we'll be heading out of time to spend some time with J's family so I was really hoping to have it that day.  Well I guess they have 2 technicians who do ultrasounds and one is on maternity leave, so they are super backed up.  The girl at the front desk said they didn't have any appointments at all for the next 3 weeks!  She didn't even end up scheduling anything.  She said they were trying to get an outside service to come in and do some and she would call me on Monday to let me know what they had.  I know this is really not a big deal, but I was hoping to get in there soon just to make sure everything is okay with the little guy (or girl).  


  1. A boring pregnancy is the best, from what I hear. That is exactly how my 16w appt was. Sorry your u/s is delayed. Hopefully they can get you in to see your little one soon!

  2. Oh no, I can't imagine having to wait 3 more weeks! I hope they get someone in there ASAP!
    So glad the appt went well!