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Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally Getting Caught Up

Oh my goodness - I can't believe I let an entire week slip by without posting.  Things are going well, just really busy.  Thus, the lack of posts.  After our good appointment on Thursday, we decided to let our parents start telling our extended family.  My mom shared the news with my grandma, aunts, and one uncle.  She said everyone was excited.  I'm sure J's mom has been sharing the news too, but I don't talk with her much so I don't know how it's been going.  We're seeing them (again) this weekend for Father's Day so I'm sure she'll let us know how it's been going. 

This week may be the most tired I've been so far during this pregnancy.  I also had to work late on Monday and Tuesday, and had to leave my house at 6:30 AM on Wednesday for a work conference so that in addition to being pregnant is probably what's making me so sleepy.  One of my close friends said that after 12 weeks she suddenly stopped feeling tired - I'm hoping that's what happens for me too!  This weekend I should have some time to get caught up on rest and such. 

On Monday I was finally able to tell my boss the news.  I had hoped to tell her last Friday, but when I went to meet with her about some other things, we just met in her cubicle.  I didn't think it was the kind of news I wanted to blurt out where other people could hear me.  When I went back to find her in the afternoon, she had already left for the day.  I knew that I had to tell her on Monday because she was going to be out of the office on vacation for the next 3 weeks.  I just asked if I could talk to her privately for a few minutes and right away she said, is everything okay?  I said, yes I just have some news and told her.  She was very happy for me.  She said not to worry about anything - the rest of the team would just have to step up and cover for me when I'm away.  She also said that she had preterm labor with both of her sons and had to miss key times during the year without any notice, so she totally understands.  I also told her that we had been trying for a while and she was really supportive.  All in all, it couldn't have gone any better.  She also wants to talk with our CEO about the possibility of me working part time from home during some of my maternity leave to do some computer stuff.  I think that would be great as long as it is during the second 6 weeks of my leave.  When I checked out a calendar I don't think everything will line up the way she's thinking it will, but I guess we'll wait and see. 

I haven't told anyone else at the office and really have only told one of my friends.  I know I need to start sharing the news with more people, but it still doesn't feel like the right time yet.  This weekend some of our friends had a big party and I managed to avoid telling them.  We weren't very close with everyone there and it just felt like a strange time to tell our close friends who were there.  I also had to work most of the day on Saturday, so I missed a lot of the party, which turned out to be the perfect cover for not drinking.  Our closest friends were probably suspicious, but that's fine with me....lots of times I like to be mysterious ;)

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  1. It's time to tell everyone :D :D I'm glad your boss was supportive about it!! I hope the fatigue lets up soon!