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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meeting with the RE

Our RE appointment was this afternoon - I thought that it went pretty well, although I didn't feel like we learned anything earth shattering.  Really, we didn't learn much more than I have already learned from reading blogs and other online sites. 

She reviewed our basic history and asked about what we had learned from the urologist which was all pretty standard.  She said our age is really on the "bubble."  If we were younger (like 25) she would recommend the surgery for J and if we were older (like 39) she would recommend moving forward with IF treatment.  Since we're kind of in the middle, I'm 29 and J is 28, it's really up to us.  Her recommendations are that I schedule an HSG test between days 5 and 10 of my next cycle.  She (and I) expects my next cycle to start very soon.  She actually looked at my chart and asked if I had started today which I thought was funny :)  The only real bummer about scheduling my test soon is that she won't be able to do it because she'll be on Spring Break all of next week.  The total cost for the test will be $800. 

She also said that we can move forward with a low dose of Clomid and an IUI on this very next cycle if we are up for it.  I'm going to talk with J more about it tonight, but I'm leaning towards just going for it.  I feel like we've been in a waiting pattern for so long that I just think it makes sense to jump right in.  The total cost for each IUI cycle is around $400. 

Other interesting things to note:
1.  She thought my charts looked really good and show a clear pattern of ovulation - so hooray! 
2.  She thought that J's sperm counts and movement were really good and although morphology is a concern, she would still classify us as unexplained infertility.  This was kind of a bummer - I'm still pretending our issue is morphology.  It makes me feel better to know what the problem is ;)
3.  There was a medical resident who came in to the room with her.  I always think this is funny.  I've been a student who completed internships and practicums too (one in a medical setting) and it's just so awkward.  She basically just sat and listened which was totally fine, but at the end the RE asked her if she had anything to add and she said, "No, I think you covered everything."  It's just such a goofy scenario.  I'm not sure that there's really any good way to observe in those types of settings.  At least it was just a consultation - I think it would be extremely awkward to come in as a resident or intern to observe during a physical exam.  Hahaha!  Something to look foward to I bet - the sign welcoming her in the lobby implied she would be there for a while :)

All in all I thought it was a good appointment.  I'm hoping we can make some decisions soon! 


  1. Yay for a great first RE appt! Your HSG is WAY cheaper than mine was, our total cost was close to $2000, but when the hospital found out we didn't have ins. coverage they gave us a price break which brought down the cost to around $1600. Our IUIs in Cincinnati at the RE total around $350 each time, not including meds. I definitely vote for jumping in for that IUI as soon as possible. If yall know you're gonna look into treatment, why delay it. Hopefully you'll get lucky on the first try :)

  2. I know how you feel about the unexplained infertility, I always wished I knew what was wrong.
    My DH had an issue with viscosity, but again, not enough for them to change our unexplained status.
    I still believe what did it for us was the male prenatal. He started taking it in November and we got our BFP in January. It is supposed to take three months.
    Anyways, I hope that if you go with IUI it works!
    And I wouldn't worry too much about the HSG, I didn't think it was painful at all.

  3. Sounds like a great appointment to me! I'm glad to hear all looks well, and hopefully the morphology issue will be solved with an IUI. Good luck with the clomid, that's awesome you can get started right away!

  4. I think IUI would be great! That way you can get THE best swimmers! I'm so very hopeful for you!!