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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello there!

Hello there!  I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post.  I keep meaning to write a post but then I either feel like there is too much to say or nothing to say.....  I have still been following along with all of you, I just can't figure out how to comment from my phone.  I'm going with bullets to update what's been going on with us:

 * I quit my job in mid-August.  I had mixed emotions about the whole thing.  I spent a lot of time waiting around for my company to make a decision about letting me work part time.  I was 'offered' part time position there, but the pay was too low for it to be worth it for me. 
* During my last week of work, I was offered a new part time job at a preschool near our house.  It's totally different than what I've been doing the past several years, but I decided to go for it anyway.  It's 2 mornings and then one full day a week.  My parents are watching N in the morning for me and then on the full day he's able to attend a nursery school program at the preschool.  It's just a little extra money, since it's not a high paying job, but at least it's something :)

* I'm loving being more of a stay at home mom.  I'm so much more relaxed than when I was working full-time and I love being available when N needs me for things.  I did think I would have more time to get things done around the house, but that is still a challenge.  N doesn't nap a lot which makes it difficult to get things done.  I'm adjusting to the new schedule though, and am feeling really good about our decision.
*N is doing absolutely awesome!  He turned one two weeks ago - which was a surreal experience.  It seems like he's been with us for an entire year, but it also seems crazy that he's not really a baby anymore.  
* N is still having physical therapy every week.  He's now crawling, pulling to stand, and cruising around furniture.  Basically, right on track for his age, but we've decided to keep doing the therapy until he can walk, just in case!  
* We made it to one year still nursing!  Honestly, this is something I'm really proud of.  When N was born, it seemed like we would never get the hang of it, but somehow we did and it became something that I really loved (except for the pumping!).  Now that we've made it to a year, we are navigating the weaning far it's been a challenge.  More to come on that, I'm sure......
* We are currently having some sleeping issues - mainly N seems to hate taking naps!  However, the last few weeks we had some nighttime struggles too.  For us, sleep issues seem to be constant.  Just when I think we have everything figured out,  new problems seem to creep up.  I reserved some books on sleep at the library (again) so I will see if they have any suggestions that work for us.  

I'm really going to make an effort to update more - I really like having this blog as way to kind of 'talk' things out and I know that I'm going to need that when we gear up to TTC #2!


  1. Great to hear from you!!! :) I am so glad you are enjoying life as a stay at home mom and that N is doing so well. That is great to hear!! And also great to hear about his crawling, standing, cruising. Congratulations on a year of nursing!! We just made it there as well. Not sure our weaning plans yet. I don't think Alidia is ready. Would love to hear how it is going / goes for you. It is tough! :(

    Are plans for TTC #2 in the making? I think we are ready but again, the nursing thing is preventing that for now so we'll see.

  2. Hey there, I was so happy to see your comment last week! Yay for being at home more with N! I too am loving SAHM status :) But like you said, where is all the downtime?! Between taking 4 classes to finish up my degree and working very part time at home for a consulting company, the days just fly by. But I too am so so much happier and we think C is too! Hopefully you'll be posting more, as I try to too! And #2, yes, do it! Join the club ;)