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Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 19

How Far Along? 19 Weeks

Maternity Clothes?  I officially made the transition into maternity pants on Wednesday.  So far, so good.  I haven't worn any maternity tops yet, but sometimes I'm worried that my pre-pregnancy tops aren't quite long enough to cover the band on the top of maternity pants. 

Weight Gain?13 pounds - the doctor said based on my pre-pregnancy BMI I'm right on track

Stretch Marks? None yet - I'm sure these are coming though. 

Sleep? It's really hit or miss.  Some nights I'm up several times and other nights it's only once.  Our really long stretch of 90 degree temps has finally broken and I think that's helping.  Last night we were actually able to sleep with the windows open. 

Best Moment of the Week: Starting to feel some movement. 

Weirdest Comment:  Nothing really weird this week, but people have been noticing my belly a little more - sometimes the things they say are odd, like "Look at your little belly." and then just stand their awkwardly.  Is there a correct way to respond to that?
Movement?  Yes, this is starting to happen.  The first few days when I felt little things, I wasn't totally sure if it was the baby or just digestion or something, but now I'm pretty sure it's the baby.  I notice it the most right after I've eaten :)

Gender?  We are hoping to find out at our ultrasound next Tuesday!

What I miss? Nothing this week. 

Symptoms: Poor sleep, weight gain, round ligament pain. 

Milestones:  Movement!

Emotions: Happy and so thankful that this pregnancy is progressing smoothly.  My SIL, who is about 15 weeks pregnant, had some spotting this weekend.  That's just so scary, I'm thankful everyday I haven't had any scares yet.  

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