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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Great Maternity Pants Search

I’ve written briefly about my search for maternity clothes before, but my ever expanding midsection is starting to make finding some good maternity pants more and more of a necessity.  So far I’ve still been able to make most of my work bottoms fit okay with the help of a band.  It’s not ideal of course, but it’s definitely more comfortable than trying to button my pants that no longer close :) 

Last weekend I decided to venture out again in search of maternity bottoms.  I figured the earlier I started looking for pants the better since I have so much trouble finding pants that fit correctly anyways.  I have long legs, so pants that don’t come in longs rarely fit me.  I’m also fairly slender, so discovering that maternity pants typically come in small, medium, and large and not numbered sizes has also presented a challenge.  I decided to just go shopping by myself and check out several places.  A close friend of mine (with a similar body type) mentioned that she found several pairs of dress pants that she loved at Ko.hl’s.  I called ahead and found of that they did in fact carry maternity clothes in the store by my house.  When I arrived at the store, it took me forever to the find the teeny, tiny section.  Ko.hl’s is a huge store, why don’t they have a directional sign to the maternity section?  They have signs for everything else.  I finally found the section between the socks and the bras.  I tried on all the bottoms they had that came in my size.  They had a few different types of shorts and some capris that were probably too casual for the office and a few styles of pants.  I was really excited when I pulled on the plain black pants.  They pretty good and I was really surprised to see that they were long enough even with shoes on.  
I turned to the side to check out how they looked in profile and yikes!  It was like I had a tail!  

Hmmm.  I assumed something may have just been wrong with that pair of pants or that they just didn't fit my body properly.  Needless to say that day, I left with only a shirt. 

This past weekend I set out again and this time basically forced J to join me.  We ventured into one of those Mot.her.hood Des.tina.tion stores.  I cringe even just writing it.  A friend of mine said she got lots of her clothes from there, so I decided to brave it.  The sales people there are really intrusive.  Granted I’m probably being overly sensitive and they were just trying to be helpful, but within the first few minutes of being in the store BOTH salespeople approached me.  Luckily here I managed to find 2 pairs of shorts that should work well for the next few months while it’s brutally hot.  Still no luck on the pants though.  I noticed, again, that from the side view the pants bunch out making it look like I have a tail.  I think it’s because I have an unnaturally flat butt.  I really thought that pregnancy would make my butt grow bigger.  It does seem to be growing, only it’s getting wide, not sticking out more.  So the great maternity pants search continues…


  1. I've almost given up on maternity specific pants. I'm just buying stretchier clothes in a size up from my normal. I don't want a full panel, just no waistband digging into my burgeoning belly. Apparently, those don't seem to exist to fit me just yet!

    Good luck on your clothing search, though! Maybe try purchasing online from those maternity stores rather than having to deal with those sales ladies. Yikes!

  2. LOL @ the tail!! I hope you find some good stuff. You look super cute, btw!! :)

  3. Uggg, motherhood stores are terrible, theyre all about sales!! The best place I found for pants was old navy!! Try there!