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Monday, February 28, 2011

Painful...and some possible job news :)

Yesterday I hurt my back idea how really, I woke up and felt okay, but after I took a shower I started to feel pain in my right side and then I really couldn't bend it much at all.  It was really painful all day long.  I spent most of the day laying flat on a heating pad.  Today it feels somewhat better, but I had to use a heating pad at my desk at work during the day.  When I was talking about it at the office, one of my co-workers said that maybe I was drinking the same water as one of our co-workers who is pregnant.  I assured her that wasn't the case (clearly since I'm on CD 5 there's no possible way I'm pregnant).  I know she was just kidding and at the time it didn't really bother me, but later I couldn't help but think about how sad those types of comments make me.  It seems like even when I'm doing well and not thinking about IF very much, or at all, a comment like that just brings it all back.  Sigh! 

In non-IF news.  I did decide to submit my resume for the open position in our agency.  I met with the director of the department today (I really would have worn something a little more dressy had I know about the surprise interview).  The interview went well - she told me a lot about the position which all sounded pretty good to me and said they would likely reach a decision in the next day or so.  I'm completely shocked, I honestly didn't even think I would get an interview and now I may have a big decision to make.  I work with a lot of volunteers in my position and am really overthinking how I'll feel about leaving them after such a short time.  I'm worried about upsetting them or letting them down which I know is ridiculous since I'll still be at the same agency, but somehow I just can't help second guessing myself.  Maybe sleeping on it tonight will help. 

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